Universal Guidelines for all the States

My main problem is not all states have the same standards for access to technologies and services. This affects getting to and from places such as work and school. If you want doctors appointments. In Autism there are discussions of expanding Medicaid role in services provided. EXCEPT in some states like Texas they decided not to expand Medicaid in direct protest to Obama Affordable Care Act. Which makes the waiting obscenely long as the results.


1. All states must have the same basic level of services. I do not trust the states to do this because they yet to do this.


2. If the state cannot provide the service that the person they must pay for the relocation fees. To place that has program set up for that service. Also pay incremental fines until they have service to support the population that needs it.


3. States will remove if they exceed the criteria for the services of that population needs.


4. Metro areas must have mass transit. This will take the burden off of small buses that will strain the Medicaid budget. It gives greater freedom to the citizenry.


5. Guidelines must be passed for what is considered a hostile work environment where if the person being ostracized at work certain phrases must be posted in company bulletin board. The phrases will be treated as form discrimination and will be considered firing offenses.


Number 5 is a security issue. Most people ASD on high end can write software and hack into network systems. So insulting them is not a smart move.


I observe ASD with High functioning side are talking about software patches for the Assistive Technology. Also the possibility of creating the technology software they can do that too.


What is stopping from committing cyber crime if you marginalize people who are disabled. Nothing. They are not getting ahead in life and have no loyalty to the system. It is security and people with ASD are more likely to be pick on by their co-workers.


ASD are known not to get along with HR. In fact some the great hacks started at that Department for reasons because IT are not fond of them either. I know few ASD Information Technology people who have similar complaints.


I rather fix the problems in Assistive Technology than actually need it. The problem is Disability Advocates are unsure what to do with High Functioning. So they find us intimidating and get irritated we know more about something than don't. Another problem is the equating emotional quotient which low in ASD as being stupid. This assumption I found both the advocate and general population


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